Provinces of Iran Khorasan Razavi


The province of Khorasan is the largest province and takes up more than one fifth of the acres of Iran; it is located in the north east of Iran.

In the Qajar period, this land was smaller than the ancient Khorasan and the remainder is located in Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Azarbayjan and Ozbakestan.

The Aladagh and Binalood peaks, the highest regions of the province, have cold mountainous weather.

Speaking about the natural attractions of Khorasans despite of water resources, Khorasan is one of the slightly points of Iran.

Mineral water springs, recreational areas, hills, Plains, lakes and caves are amongst the attractions of this province.

The city of Mashhad, the provincial capital is one of the largest cities in Iran.

Mashhad with more than two million inhabitants is the third most interesting tourist pole of Iran after Isfahan and Shiraz. (The temperature of the province increase from north to south but annual precipitation decreases.)

The holy shrine of Imam Reza (the eighth imam of Shiite Muslims) – (c.768-818) is the most important pilgrimage center in Iran which has increased the province's importance. This city boast of hundreds of thousands of pilgrims from all over the world, including Yemenis, Iraqis, Indians but primarily Afghans and Pakistanis, the two latter comprising on that account alone the vast majority of all foreign tourist in the region.

This city is an important transportation, commercial, manufacturing and religious center situated in a productive agriculture region.

The famous city of Toos, located 24 km west of Mashhad, was the home of Ferdowsi; the great Persian poet who spent about 35 years was writing his great epic, Shahnameh or the Book of the Kings.