Provinces of Iran Hormozgan


The province of Hormozgan is located in south of Iran and north of Persian Gulf. The Zagross mountain range extends from northeast to southeast of the province. The history of this province is mixed with the history and geography of the Persian Gulf.

This province is situated in the warm and dry zone of Iran, which has an arid and semiarid climate.

Hormozgan province is one of important tourism areas, in national and international level, especially for its coastal and water attractions.

The vast luxuriant palm groves, suitable coasts, countryside, mineral waters, and sea are among attractions of this province.

Due to the geographical location of this province, the Persian Gulf has given passage to various people of the world. Different human races such as the Dravidians, the Semites and also some black, Baluchi and Indian people reside on these shores.

Although this province is one of the most important strategic and commercial centers of Iran, the economy of this province is based on trade and fishing for fish, shells and pearls with limited agriculture and animal husbandry.

The city of Bandar Abbas, the provincial capital of this province is the largest port on the Persian Gulf. The historical name of this city was Gomberum. The weather of the city is hot and humid in the summer and mild in the winter.

There are many interesting ancient and historical monuments. Shahid Rajai Jetty complex is a very huge landing place through which major barter of goods between Iran and other countries has accomplished.

Hormoz Straight, one of the most sensitive and vital water ways, which is situated in political realm of this province.