Provinces of Iran Ilam


The province of Ilam is located in the west of the country on the Zagros mountainous regions. This province with the history of more than 4000 years is counted as one of the ancient parts of Iran.

The city of Ilam, the provincial capital was known as Alamto or Alam in ancient times, the remains of historical monument, indicate its importance in ancient time especially in Sassanid eras.

The Archaeological researches indicate that Elamite civilization was roughly born with in this province.

This province due to the historical links with Mesopotamia, hold interesting monuments, including the remains of the old cities in the valley of Dehloran and Sarab Calan Shirvan, which is related to Sassanid time.

The ethnic groups are the Kurds, Arabs, Lors, and Azerbaijanis. Lori is the predominant language spoken by people. The vast majority of the people are Muslims, mostly of the Shiite sect. Agriculture and animal husbandry are the major economic activities of the people.

The historical monuments of Choobin Mountain passes, Shirin and Farhad arch and four arches belonging to Sassanid period and also the spring of Qeer, the cave of Khoffash, the hot water spring and the Valley castle are amongst Ilam's attractions.