Provinces of Iran Hamedan


The history of Hamedan province dates back to over 25 centuries ago. The Median civilization was established on the slopes of Alvand Mountains. Hamedan province contains the remains of the ancient city of Ecbatana, which was built in the 7th century B.C.

This province has two protected environmental sites by the names of Assadabad and Lashkar which hold various animals such as ibex, ram, ewe and various types of birds like falcon, hawk, sparrow hawk, geese, ducks …

The city of Hamedan, the provincial capital is the oldest city built by Aryan tribes who settled in this point of the world.

Agriculture and animal husbandry are the major activities of the people. They speak Farsi, Luri, Turkey, and Kurdish. The climate is cold in the highlands.

Since the Acheamenid, Parthian and Sassanid kings built many palaces in this city, it has numerous historical monuments, it is one of the most important tourist attractions in Iran.

The town of Lalejin is known for its Pottery industry. One can see the longest and finest cave in the world called Ali Sadr cave. In the province also the mausoleum of Avecinna, one of the most famous philosophers and scholars in the middle age and the tomb of Baba Taher, the famous poet are in this province.