Provinces of Iran Zanjan


The province of Zanjan is located in the central part of the north- west of Iran mountains.

The earliest vestiges of civilization in Zanjan dates back to the Sassanid period ,the Islamic era, in which it was the center of attention of the local governments.

The city of Zanjan, the provincial capital is composed of two great valleys of Zanjan Rood and Sefid Rood between which Gharavol and Angooran mountains are located. The foundation of Zanjan goes back to the reign of Ardeshir Babakan and the city was called Shahin or Shahan.

This city has experienced both glory and hardship in the course of history and with numerous monuments and natural beauties is one of Iran's tourist attractions.

The Kataleh Khor cave, located on south- west of Zanjan is one of the largest caves in Iran, which can be compared with Ali-Sadr cave in Hamadan. Among the main historical monuments of this province, one can name the spectacular complex of Soltaniyeh, as one of the greatest domes in the world is world – famous belonging to Mongol period.

The Zanjan province is rich in wild life. Various species of wild animals, native and migratory birds, and aquatic animals attract many tourists during the hunting season.

The Zanjan province is one of the country's important industrial centers, throughout which there are several industrial satellite towns and metal, food, chemical, wood, weaving, constructional and mining plants.