Provinces of Iran Semnan


The province of Semnan is located in the east of Tehran on the south of Alborz and faces the Kavir in the south.

Its climate is very cold on the mountainous areas, and very hot in the southern parts.

It is said that Semnan province with more than two thousand years of history was one of the main provinces of ancient Iran.

The province is well known as one of the 16 divisions of the ancient Avista. Its history dates back to the Achaemenian and the Median periods.

Since the Silk Road crosses through the middle of semnan, many monuments belonging to that time have remained in this province.

There are many pleasant riversides, leisure places, forests, green spaces, spas, protected areas and mines in the province.

Many tribes occupied the city of Semnan, the provincial capital, during its long history and its name has been mentioned in many historical books.

Damghan city with more than 6000 years history is one of the oldest cities, and in the Islamic period it was a part of the historical region of Qomis.

The famous monuments such as the mausoleum of pir-e-Alamdar and the minaret of Tari-Khaneh mosque can be named in this city.

Semnan`s inhabitants speak in a specific language which seems to be one of the ancient Persian dialects.

The Seljukian minaret with an epitaph in Koofi script on it and the Friday mosque beside the minaret are some of the valuable monuments of Semnan.