Provinces of Iran Markazi


The province of Markazi is located on south of Tehran, and is one of the ancient parts of Iran. The antiquity of this province dates back to the Seljuq period. There are a lot of historical monuments in this province.

Amongst the most important interesting places of this province are the Arak caves, the underground city of Dolfabad in Farahan the thermal springs, the remains of Khorkheh Seleucidian temple and the Delijan cave.

The hot water spring of Mahallat is one of the most important recreational and natural attractions of this province.

The city of Arak, the provincial capital is an important city from agricultural, animal husbandry and industrial point of view.

The oil refinery is the cause of Araks development and fame. Hamam-e-Chahar Fasl (four season bath) is one of the most important monuments from the architectural point of view.

The city of Mahallat with a wonderful nature and landscapes of wetlands, rivers flower flames (spring, the plateaus of flowers, many fountains, canals, thick trees, wild plants) and a pleasant climate is another eye-catching site of this province.