Provinces of Iran Khoozestan


The province of Khoozestan forms part of the low Mesopotamia plains and faces the northwestern shores of the Persian Gulf.

The province has become the main link between Iran and the outside world. There are numerous interesting archaeological monuments. Some patterns of village farming were widely soared in lowland Khoozestan about 6000 B.C. During the Achaemenid, Parthian and Sassanid periods, Khoozestan enjoyed of a highly prominent position.

Khoozestan`s highways and roads and also seaports have played an important role in the economy of Iran.

This province is an industrial center in the country, which include large refineries, petroleum industry, rolling mills, and sugar and paper mills and cement factories.

Then city of Ahvaz, the provincial capital is situated on the Karoon River. Its foundation is attributed to the Elamites, called Uxian in those days.

There are numerous interesting archaeological monuments such as Choghazanbil which contains the ruins of the old Elamite town of Durantash and founded by the king Untash- Gol.

The Karoon, the largest and the only navigable river in Iran flows through this city and divides it into eastern and western districts.

Bandar-e Mahshahr is the second greatest port in Iran, and is used for the export of oil and natural gas. The petro-chemical industry has contributed to the importance of this town.