Provinces of Iran Kermanshah


The province of Kermanshah with an altitude of 5600 feet is located in west of Iran. The province holds numerous ancient monuments and enjoys beauties nature. It has been said that the ancient king, Tahmureth founded the province.

Kermanshahan was a place of entertainment for Sassanid kings, especially Khosrow Parviz, who built a beautiful palace there.

The province is rich in petroleum resources and holds its own oil refinery next to Khozestan, the second most important. This region is a major wheat producing area, and is also rich, on account of its nomadic tribes, in sheep breeding and its products.

Since this province is one of Iraq`s neighbours, before the imposed war many tourists and pilgrims traveled from Kermanshah to Karbala.

The climate of the province is cold and snowy in winter and moderate in summer.

The city of Kermanshah is the provincial capital, which is lain on the slopes of Kooh-e Sefid, the most famous mountain in the suburb of Kermanshah. The city is a very populous and one of the oldest centers of Persian civilization. It holds the Kurd nomads with their flocks and picturesque costumes.

The length of the city is more than 10kms, which runs along Sarab River.

The bas- relives of Darius victory over his foes and a three language inscription which deciphered by Rawlinson, the English archaeologist, are located in Bistoon (5th B.C)

The relics of Taq-e Bostan (4th A.P), a world famous monument is located 5 kms northeast of Kermanshah, which is of great attraction visitors.