Provinces of Iran Western Azarbaijan


The province of western Azarbaijan is located in the northwest of Iran.

There are traces of ancient civilizations all over the place. Nomadic tribes frequented that «Riviera» as early as eight thousand years BC. This province has the most diverse ethnic and religious background such as Iranian Turks, Kurds, Chaldean Christians, Muslims and Catholic.

The city of Orumiyeh, the provincial capital of this province is 946 km away from Tehran.

The joint activities and coexistence of Iranians of diverse racial groups and religions characterize Modern Orumiyeh.

The largest Inland water body in Iran, Lake Orumiyeh 20 km to the east of the city, with an area of 5000sq. km and an average depth of 5 meters and is so full of salt that it cannot support any animal or vegetable life.

In fact, this land is the legendary birthplace of Zoroaster and the burial place of one of the three Magi.

It is almost 140 km long and 40 km wide. The Kabudan Island is the place where a large number of birds such as flamingos, pelicans, wild geese and gulls are living on and around it. Hunting is prohibited here and entrance herein is subject to authorization given by the environment protection Department of the province.

The Golmankhaneh harbor is counted as one of the important recreational regions of Iran.

There are coastal beaches, mountainous slopes, several large and small rivers, creating a beautiful and eye-catching natural landscape.

The ancient historical fort Takht-e Soleiman with an area of 124000 sq. m is counted one of the most important ancient monuments, comprising ruins dating back to Sassanian, Ashkanian and Mongol periods. The palace museum of Baghche Joq is situated in the west of the Maku- Bazargan road. This complex was built by Eqbal-al-saltaneh of MAku one of the powerful leaders of late Qajar era and is a great attraction for visitors.