Provinces of Iran Yazd


The province of Yazd is one of the ancient provinces of Iran, and is located in the center of Iran. This province hosts remarkable elements of cultural and historical heritage of the Iranian civil. Human settlement in the province dates back to the 30th century BC.

Some of Islamic historians attribute its construction to Alexander the Great, who built a prison there and because of that, at the beginning of Islamic era Yazd was known as Alexander's prison.

The special climatic and geographical characteristics of this province has turn it to the habitat many kind of animals region such as wild ewe, tiger, hyena, fox, wolf, rabbit, partridge and eagle.

The city of Yazd, the provincial capital is famous as the city of wind towers (Badgirs). It is one of the oldest and typical Desert cities in Iran, and the largest, and the most populated city in the province.

The weather is hot, arid in summer and cold in winter.

Yazd is the largest center of Iranian Zoroastrians and they have lived in this city for more than a thousand years.

Numerous historical monuments, dates back to the Sassanid period, give the city a great attraction for tourists.

The uniqueness of Yazd’s architecture is due to high mud brick walls, large basements large pools, and tall wind- towers on the roofs used for ventilation and cooling many historical monuments such as Jam`e mosque, the fire temple, Bazaar and mosque of amir Chakhmaq yard.

Jam`e mosque is one of the precious monuments in Iran which is in fact a collection of Islamic architecture. Its main structure, parts of which have remained, belong to the 12th century. However the present structure dates back to the AL-e Mozaffar period, in the 14th century.