Provinces of Iran Esfahan


The province of Isfahan is located in the center of Iran, between central mountains and eastern slopes of Zagros.

Isfahan province with numerous monuments for which is world- famous has the greatest attraction for tourists.

The history of Isfahan, the provincial capital dates back to 2500 years ago. When it was known as Aspadana, the city formed part of the ancient Asian country of Media.

In the middle of the 7th century the city was occupied by invading Arabs. The Seljuk Turks conquered Isfahan and made it the capital of their empire in 1051 and captured the city in 1387, during their invasion of Iran and massacred 70000 inhabitants.

Isfahan's golden age began in the reign of Shah Abbas. Numerous monuments built in this period and became as they called it Nesf-e-Jahan (half of the world)

Kashan city is located on the rim of the central salt desert.

Kashan's history dates back to 3000 years ago. It has more than 1200 historical monuments and can be considered as one of the masterpieces of Iran, from the viewpoint of tourist attraction.

The district of Qamsar with many gardens of roses is a famous center for producing rose water in Iran. In spring when the roses are picked from the gardens and distilled in traditional way many people visit Qamsar-e Kashan.